June 21, 2016

FBC Kids and Youth

At FBC, we believe that children are some of the most important people on the planet!  We are confident that God feels the same way.  He has created children in His image and for His glory.  In the end, God desires that children be glory-reflectors: that they live for His glory, represent Him in the world, and eventually dwell with Him in glory forever!

For us, Kids’ Ministry is more than a free babysitting service so that parents can enjoy themselves in the worship service.  We look at Kids’ Ministry as being a purposeful, holistic ministry to children and their families.  Kids’ Ministry truly begins in the home.  Therefore, it is one of our priorities to support and strengthen the home of every child to be a place where children can learn what it means to know, love and obey Jesus.


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Our Goals

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FBC Kids

Our Goals

  • To Keep Kids Safe.  We believe that in order for kids to be happy or learn about Jesus, they need to know that they are safe…as do their parents!  At FBC, we employ the highest safety standards in our check-in and check-out processes, in our classrooms, and in our volunteer screening practices.  Obviously, none of the plans of man are fool-proof, but we do work hard to make sure that ours are pretty close.
  • To Keep Kids Happy.  We desire that “going to church” be a positive experience for children of all ages.  A child’s first impressions of church will often be the most lasting.  To that end, we work hard to help children feel accepted and loved.  We pray for and with children, play games and sing songs.  We work with parents when their children are “struggling” to go to class.  We focus on relationship first, program second.
  • To Teach Kids About Jesus.  We are serious about helping kids learn to know, love and obey Jesus.  Everything that we do is directed towards this end.  From the very earliest age, we pray for and with children, and teach them simple truths about God from His Word.  We encourage our teachers toward vibrant and robust relationships with God, that they might pass that on to children.  We love Jesus and want children to know and love Him, too.

Our Values

–  Gospel:  We value the proclamation (telling) & embodiment (living out) of the Gospel to individuals, our community, and the world.

–  Family:  We believe that parents have the God-given task and responsibility as primary disciplers of their children.  We see the Kids’ Ministry as a support to parents in their God-given role, rather than a replacement or surrogate.

–  Prayer & Patience:  We hold prayer as a high value not only in practice – with and for children – but also as an orientation of life.  We firmly believe in practicing active faith, trust & reliance on God as the primary mover in people’s hearts.  We believe that ultimately, we cannot create or secure any lasting change in someone’s life: God is the One who does this.  We just get to come along and join Him in His work!

–  Word:  We believe that God has revealed Himself in the Scriptures and in His Son Jesus.  It is through God’s Word that we all come to know, love and obey Him forever.  The Bible is, therefore, the center of all of our teaching and mentoring of children.

–  Reproduction:  Rather than seeing the Kids’ Ministry as a glorified babysitting service, we value the intentional multiplying of ourselves in the Kingdom through intentional discipleship.  Children’s workers are encouraged and expected to intentionally disciple and mentor the next generation.

–  The Body:  We believe that the Church, God’s Family, is the ordained vehicle for Gospel-change.  We value the Church as the extended family – a support for families and the context in which they raise their children to know Jesus.  For many children, family life is extremely difficult and dysfunctional.  The Church then becomes for them a new, secure, grounded family where they can be known and loved.

Children’s Church is held  Sundays, 10:30 – 12:00 PM.  We offer classes from Nursery through 5th grade.  Children are checked-in and taken to their classes by their parents, then picked-up in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the sermon.  Parents have opportunity to have their children join them for communion & praise at the end of each morning service.

Children’s Check-In

–  Children are checked-in through our secure check-in kiosk in the lobby.  The kiosk will generate a name tag for each child and a receipt for the parent/guardian.  Parents & guardians will need to turn in this receipt in order to pick up their kids at the end of the service.

–  If you are a guest or considering bringing your children to FBC for the first time, we have an easy-to-use guest check-in procedure.  Any of our friendly and trained Check-in staff will be able to help you get set-up!


Although we often create our own curriculum as the need arises, we are currently using various curricula from Children Desiring God.  Their materials can be viewed at www.childrendesiringgod.org.