April 11, 2018

2017-2018 Vision Report

2017-2018 Vision Report

Our Mission:

“To be a people who embody and proclaim the life-giving fullness of the Gospel!”


Pastor’s Overview

Dear FBC Family,

What a year this has been! God has graciously helped us to navigate a successful pastoral transition. He continues to provide, grow our fellowship, and bless us in some pretty incredible ways.

This January, I introduced four central values that will drive much of what we do at FBC Prineville. My job as Lead Pastor is to keep these values in front of us as the most important things.

We believe that God has called us to be:

  • Word-Centered:We will keep the expository preaching of the Word central; we are encouraging everyone to read their Bible regularly—alone and with others; we are memorizing a verse a month together as a body; and we are upholding the value of word-centeredness in every event, ministry, and endeavor.
  • Radically Dependent:God desires that we be desperate for him, and this begins with regular, dependent prayer. When we realize that we need God and can’t truly do anything in our own strength, He will work in our weakness!
  • Generously Loving:Jesus has called us to give ourselves away in love to others, which will be sacrificial and self-giving. We desire to model this kind of generous love as leaders, and uphold it as the value that undergirds our relationships with each other, the community, and the world.
  • Making Disciples:We will champion personal and corporate commitments to grow in faith and help each other to follow Jesus. We value spiritual reproduction at all levels, from the personal to the corporate.

As Elders, we continue to pray for you and work to know and care for each of you. We are also mindful of our limitations, and are praying that God will work to raise up godly men to serve with us as Elders to help us “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ!” (Ephesians 4:12-13)

As you read this report from our ministry leaders, our prayer is that it will drive you to praise and to pray. Praise God for what he’s done and is doing; and join us in prayer that we might continue to glorify him as we labor together in the work he’s put before us. It truly is a joy to watch him work as we continue to trust him to make us a people who embody and proclaim the life-giving fullness of the Gospel!

– Mike Phay, Lead Pastor

Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry workers this year have been pouring their hearts and faith into our kids so that they know God loves them through the actions of their teachers. Each week, the teachers work on lessons and activities that will help the children understand the Scripture lessons and have a positive experience while they are here. Through the giving of their time and energy, these teachers embody the life-giving fullness of the  Gospel. They show patience and kindness and their love for God.

In the future we would like to get the kids involved in serving others by helping them work on projects during our time together. We will also begin teaching through the Old Testament with them this year, as well as teaching them about missionaries of the past and present.

We praise God for the number of kids who have been coming to church and we pray for wisdom in teaching and leading. We also pray for more helpers to meet the needs of our growing classes.

– Matt Fischer, Children’s Ministry Director



As Deacons we have the opportunity to embody and proclaim the life-giving fullness of the Gospel by prudent use of the resources that God has provided. This includes facilities maintenance, staffing needs, missionary support, and caring for the needs of the local body. We endeavor to be God’s hands and feet, thereby fulfilling the commission to be ambassadors to the community, as well as the world.

We believe that God is leading us this year to expand our outreach to the local body by making more of an effort to listen for any outstanding needs so that we can be a part of meeting them. This can be accomplished through many avenues, including ministry leaders, Home Communities, personal contacts, XYZ, the food pantry, and any other means that bring the needs to our attention. We are working to compile a list of people who are willing and available to address any need that may arise.

This past year, we have stood in awe as we watched God provide over and above the financial needs of our local body. This was evident in that we were able to partner with the Elder Board to prayerfully consider a substantial gift to the missionary outreach in Spain. What an awesome God we serve! We ask for continued prayer for the Deacon Board for wisdom as we pursue some of our ongoing concerns for our parking lot, as well as some other less costly items we see needing to be addressed in the coming months.

-Charlie Hupp, Chairman of the Deacon Board


FBC Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is an outreach ministry, embodying and proclaiming the life-giving fullness of the Gospel, serving the less fortunate people in our community. We have about 15 volunteers that pick up food in Redmond and then distribute two times a month. In partnership with Neighbor Impact and the Oregon Food Bank, we are able to provide a 5-7 day supply of food for 75-100 families each month.

This coming year, we are working toward a change in the way we distribute. At this time, we pack a box of food, depending on family size, and send it home with them. Our hope and prayer is to make it more of a shopping style, where our customers can pick and choose the food that works best for their family.

God has provided for this ministry, both with food and volunteers. While we would all like to see the need decrease, it does not appear to be trending in that direction. Through our partnerships, we are able to serve our community in this way for about $100 per month.

– Don & Roxanne Sawchuk, Food Pantry Coordinators


The Genesis Process

“To be a people who embody and proclaim the life-giving fullness of the Gospel.”

The Gospel is about the relationship with Jesus and his Father that is offered to us to save us from death. The Genesis Process is about the church being a safe place where we can help hurting people change their lives so that they, in turn, can proclaim the Gospel to others. This ministry is about using God’s word, in conjunction with truths that we have learned about the human person through science, in order to bring change to those who are willing to partner with God to change.

A group of us have walked through this process together, experienced change first hand, and have realized how beneficial it is. We would like to see this ministry grow and help others make change. We have witnessed God’s mercy, grace, and love throughout the process. We are trusting in God’s timing and hand in the continuance of this ministry.

Marc and Maria Gattey would also like to go through additional training to become Genesis Process counselors.

This ministry continues to meet regularly on Tuesday evenings, and all are welcome to participate!

– Marc & Maria Gattey, Genesis Process Leaders


Home Communities

Home Communities continue to be a central part of the life of FBC Prineville. These “small groups” that meet in homes venture to further the mission of the church by helping us become a people who embody and proclaim the life-giving fullness of the Gospel. 

Home Communities are a unique “relational space” in the church, providing space for you to be in genuine, personal, deep relationships with people—something that’s neither possible nor ideal in a Sunday morning worship gathering. They provide space to be real with the issues and concerns of life, to pray for and carry one another’s burdens, and to truly be yourself.

At the heart of Home Communities is the Word of God—shaping, refining, teaching, and exhorting us to believe the Gospel and to be formed into Christ’s image. Groups also care for the physical and practical needs of members, pray for one another regularly, and share in meals and fellowship. Ideally, they “do life” together, becoming family in the process.

We are currently seeing growth in our Home Communities, as well as the need for more groups to form. Our newest group meets on Sunday afternoons right after church. The seven other groups meet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. We are looking for people to step into leadership and hosting roles in our Home Communities. If you are interested, speak with an Elder and/or a Home Community leader.

Our hope is that each person who calls FBC “home” would commit to being a regular part of a Home Community. Even if you don’t feel like you “need” what a Home Community has to offer, perhaps you might recognize that there is a Home Community out there which “needs” you and all that you have to offer. Jump in—the water’s fine!

Current Home Communities:

Pat & Patti Bunch (541.480.7672)  – Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM

Tim & Jayne Faulkner (541.213.0445) – Sundays after church

Dean & Mary Lou Gertner (541.447.1451) – Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM

Tom & Eileen Hall (541.815.9247) – Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM

Gabe & Dianne Hendrix (541.350.3086) – Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM

Charley & Maurine Hughbanks (541.447.6500) Mondays @ 5:00 PM

Mike & Keri Phay (541.233.3506) – Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

Don & Roxanne Sawchuk (503.516.5562) – Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM


-Mike Phay, Lead Pastor



The Missions Committee exists to call and support the people of FBC, and its missionaries, in embodying and proclaiming the life-giving fullness of the Gospel locally and globally.

Our vision is to:

  • Implement the new philosophy and policies for the missions committee that were created over the last year.
  • Increase the awareness of our missionaries in a way that leads to people pray, give, and answer the call to serve locally and globally. We will do this by having more face time and/or video chat time with our missionaries, as well as getting our Home Communities more involved in the support of our missionaries.
  • Have a robust, engaged, and diverse mission committee.
  • Visit all missionaries on the field regularly.
  • Work toward separate boards for local and global missions.

We are praising God for:

  • The completion of the new missions philosophy and policies.
  • A completed missions trip to visit one of our missionaries in the field.
  • An increasing awareness of and deepened relationships with all of our supported missionaries.

We are praying for more missions committee members. If you are interested in serving on the missions committee, please contact one of us to learn more.

Current Members:

  • Patti Bunch
  • Marlene Davis
  • Vera Harper
  • Marc Gattey
  • A.J. Myers
  • Liz Myers
  • Mike Phay

-A.J. Myers, Missions Committee Chair


Music and the Arts

The music and arts ministry has helped us at FBC to be a people who embody and proclaim the life-giving fullness of the Gospel by actually proclaiming God and his work! Often, we proclaim God’s work on a Sunday morning with song lyrics and prayer, but we also use our other creative gifts. In the past year this has looked like planning, creating, and serving an amazing meal to celebrate Christ’s birth as a church family on Christmas Eve. It has looked like remembering and reflecting on Christ’s sacrifice through drama, dance, music, and art on Good Friday. It often takes the form of speaking truth to one another as we’re practicing the skills and gifts that God has given us on a regular basis.

We are praising God for new musicians in the worship band; deepened relationships among some of our band members; a new group, “Creative by Design,” that meets on a monthly basis to discuss what creativity may look, sound, and feel like in our culture and in our church; and more open and life-giving congregational worship through music.

Some things we are praying for are that God will give us pure hearts that desire to worship HIM with our creative gifts, that God brings more people forward who are interested in using their gifts for God’s glory (in tech/AV, musically, or artistically), that God brings vision and mission to our Creative by Design group so that we can better “embody and proclaim” the Gospel of Christ.

– Melissa Barker, Music & Arts Director



The ushers exist to serve FBC Prineville in embodying and proclaiming the life-giving fullness of the Gospel by welcoming visitors, distributing bulletins, collecting and counting the offering, and assisting with practical needs on Sunday mornings. There are four regular ushers – Jimmie   Barrett, Dean Gertner, Wendell McDaniel, and Tim Faulkner. Recently, at the behest of the Deacons, we have changed how we handle the money after it is counted and put in a locked bag. The new procedures make for better security and save the ushers a trip to the bank on Sunday.

Ushers function as greeters as we hand-out bulletins each Sunday. Being an usher is a good way to get to know new people as they come to visit our church, and it is our desire to offer not just a bulletin, but a good first impression of our church as a welcoming congregation.

– Dean Gertner, Head Usher


Women’s Discipleship

Women at FBC Prineville have opportunities to get to know each other in small groups through sharing, encouragement, and fun activities; as well as hearing the teaching of other women at our women’s retreat and spring event here at the church.

Our vision is to embody and proclaim the life-giving fullness of the Gospel by increasing personal growth among the ladies of FBC through fellowship, discipling opportunities, and regular events.

We are praising God that women of varied ages are involved and are getting to know each other in multiple contexts and are growing in their faith.

We ask for prayer for God to raise up leadership in the Women’s Ministry, and that he would teach us how to minister.



XYZ is our Seniors Group which meets each Wednesday from October through May. Our weekly meetings start at 9 AM with fellowship (and, of course snack food), then we sing together from the Hymnbook, have a Bible Study (led by Dean Gertner), a time of intercessory prayer, and then have lunch together (either here in the Fellowship Hall, or at the Senior Center).

We took a Fall day-trip to the High Desert Museum. Our big (only) fundraiser is our annual Indoor Yard sale. Last year we took-in over $1,000, thanks to the donations of items to sale from our XYZ members and church members. We used some of our funds to pay for the new microphone in the Fellowship Hall. It is a great improvement over the old one. We also have used some of our funds for mission projects, and regularly contribute coffee to Redemption House Ministries for use in both the Women’s and Men’s Shelters.

We have had special speakers and special music by both the High Desert Christian Academy choir and the CCHS Jazz choir. For the past two years we have had an evening concert with Nehemiah Brown from Vancouver, WA, and he will be here for the third time for a concert in the Sanctuary on May 19th. XYZ is for all who desire closer fellowship, regardless of their age or church affiliation.

– Dean & Mary Lou Gertner


Youth Ministry

We are working to be an avenue through which FBC Prineville reaches out to unreached students in Prineville with the Gospel, as well as a place that provides tangible discipleship and leadership development for Christians within the group. We partner with other local organizations and host game nights to build initial relationships with students, and tailor our teaching to the group of students that is with us at the given time. A number of high school students are on our leadership team, helping us facilitate activities, build relationships, and develop their individual giftings.

Our vision is to build a more complete summer program; increase the arts in youth group, allowing students to express and explore their artistic gifts; add a fall and winter ‘5th quarter’ outreach event in partnership with other churches and organizations as means of meeting other youth in the community; to find ways to engage more of our church youth that are now attending youth group; to find new avenues for raising more money for our scholarship funds to allow us to increase the number of retreats we do, and help more  students participate in mission trips.

We have had over 80 youth attend youth group this past year. Less than 20 attend FBC. Over 50% are unchurched. Our average attendance is up from 15 to 22 a night. We added 2 students to our student leadership team, including a much-needed female student leader, bringing us to a total of 7 leadership students. We went from 2 adult leaders to 6. These new leaders have brought a variety of skills, including things that have allowed us to begin doing worship, and begin having a summer ministry. We took 36 people to winter camp, including all of our youth and adult leaders, and had an amazing time.

Join us in praying that we can connect with unchurched students’ families and begin to minister to the whole family; that our unchurched students will become active participants of the body as whole, particularly on Sundays; and that we will be able to reach more unchurched youth in Prineville with the Gospel.

– A.J. Myers, Youth Director